Welcome reserves

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Welcome reserves

Post by David on Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:58 pm

Hello welcome to the reserves
pls PM me or post here to show Your attendance.
Remember after each practice i expect people who show up to post an after action report

6 AWOLS total in season mean disciplinary Action
3 AWOLS in row means disciplinary action
Nothing is mandatory
PM me if your cant attend practice or need to be put on leave
if you want to leave it will be a honorable discharge and can be put back on
if you cant attend practices regularly either go on leave or ask for reserve force.
Please Post a AAR at end of each practice. you will have 48 hours to do so and 48 hours to notify me why u couldn't attend if AWOL reservists only get AWOLS if we ask you to come on and you dont without pm'ng me.
Practice days are Tuesday and  Saturday 7-9 PM GMT for main practice. reserve practice is at same days just 2 hours earlier possibly 3 so 4-6 pm

From Dave (Wolfpack, Lynx) Very Happy


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